Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, our online registration features are fully integrated into our platform. Families can view options and register online. They can also manage their account information and make updates to their information. Changes are then received in real-time in the administrator’s inbox. A click of a button and the changes are authorized and updated consistently to the database and adjusted on the relevant reports.
Yes, but only if you have the correct security access. Our solutions are designed so that you can view information across your mobile phone, tablet and your desktop computer. Families can access the family portal on any of these devices as well.
No, there are no separate “modules” and all upgrades are included for each Edition. You can easily enable features as your business grows.
Yes, the ability to charge for associated registration items, such as course materials or uniform fees, is part of our shopping cart features.
Yes. In fact, this is one of the greatest advantages of an internet application. You can view your data in real time across your multiple sites. And if you need to drill down to view data at the site, family or individual level, you have this option at your fingertips.
Yes, credit card, debit card and ACH (electronic checking) plus check scanning and recurring payment options.
Yes, training is part of our services and we are passionate about training our customers. We love knowing that our software will make life easier for you and your staff and then helping you to understand how to take full advantage of our solutions.
Yes, and we understand how complex and time consuming it can be for staff members. Our software manages the detailed requirements for subsidy reporting saving your staff time and helping to speed up your receivables.
We offer two editions, including the Provider Edition and the Connect Edition. The subscription fee is based on each edition and the size of your organization. There are no additional costs for updates, security or hosting to maintain your software. This is all taken care of for you as part of our services, so that you always have the latest updates without any interruptions or added expenses.
Security is our highest priority and we are monitoring your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Data is encrypted, which means that it is not readable unless you have the exact user and secured password for that particular piece of information.
Each of our solutions Daycare Works™ and SchoolCare Works™ is designed to meet the needs of childcare and afterschool programs. We can turn on and off features based on your specific requirements that work for you. Our software also allows the administrator to set up what a user can view and do, so that the information is secured based on a user's role and access level.
It’s the most economical and efficient way to obtain software today. First, the software is delivered over the Internet, which makes it easy to connect everyone to the information they need. The solution is shared, so that when data is updated it is available in real-time based on your secured access level. You always have the most updated information and reporting. It also means that all of the upgrades, security, hosting and maintenance are included as part of our services to you.
Our customers are childcare, and afterschool programs. Many of our customers are multi-site, offering their programs across multiple locations. They include childcare chains, school districts, and city-wide programs, which could have a few locations within a region or spread out across the country and even internationally.
Standard support is included as part of your license. We provide phone and web support during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Enhanced support options are available to fit your needs.
Center operation management and information reporting can be viewed across multiple locations in real time.